Monday, March 21, 2016

You Could Do That..... OR.....

Day 28: 3/21/2016

Struggles are the thing that are motivation to many. I've talked about mine. They're not a mystery to me. I ran into some struggles the last few days. Today, I had to decide to give up something that was near, and dear to my heart. The funny thing is, it wasn't of the food variety.

I had a very personal tattoo scheduled to be put on my left inner forearm on April 1st. Due to some unforeseen financial emergencies at home, I had to cancel this appointment. Now.... what does this have to do with healthy living?

Well, healthy living is more than eating good calories, and exercising. It's about mental health and emotional stability. I believe they all go hand in hand. Being a man who runs to food when shit hits the fan, today's situation made me desire to drown myself in fresh made tagliatelle with a delicious cream sauce and a nice breaded and fried piece of chicken. Just a good 5000 calories of comfort.

The voice in my head today just kept saying "you could do that.... OR, you could choose to make a better choice in dealing with your feels"

I guess, the moral of this GI Joe episode, is that when faced with hardships, it's normal for many to want to drown in out. If I've learned anything in the last year, it's that you have to accept the way you feel and do not allow that feeling to drive your action. Move towards what you want, and what you value.

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  1. Oh, friend... I've been thinking of you all weekend, hoping all is well. This breaks my heart. :(