Saturday, March 19, 2016

Measurements, I Hate This Part

Day 26: 3/19/2016

In every successful weight loss journey that I've had, I was keeping track of everything. I haven't been doing that other than my weight...... until now.

I really hate keeping track of these numbers. They seem demoralizing. I don't know... In some way, seeing those numbers when you're at the beginning of your journey make it seem like a monolithic task that is completely unachievable. 

Just like everything else, I need to own it. This is me. It's not like I can HIDE that I'm obese, right? All of the other things that I do to "hide" my fat, are not for everyone else, but for me. I feel like I can hide away the truth by wearing hoodies, baggy pants, but who am I kidding?? Little kids still look at me like I'm "Barf" from Spaceballs. However, that analogy works in my favor because everyone knows that he was the best character in that movie.

I think that in order to help me achieve bigger goals, I need to accomplish some smaller ones. Here is my goal for the week. Rather than focus on the numbers, I'm going to focus on activity goals. I am going to do a new version of a routine of mine that I like to call the "wake up, warm up". It will consist of these things. You're welcome to try it out with me.
  • 25 crunches
  • 25 wall squats
  • 25 pushups
  • 60 seconds of planking via forearm/feet
  • 30 seconds of warrior pose
  • 30 seconds of cobra post
  • 30 seconds of mountain pose
Below are measurements of mine as of today. It freaks me out to have people know these things but I just have to remember to be as cool as "Barf".

Weight: 357.5
Neck: 18 in
Shoulder End to End: 20.5 in
Right Bicep: 17.5 in
Left Bicep: 17 in
Waist (actual waist, not where I wear my pants): 50.5 in
Right Thigh: 31 in
Left Thigh: 30 in

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