Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Reset Button

Day 37: 3/30/2016

Yesterday I talked about wanting to quit. It only seems fitting that I talk about the all powerful "RESET" button. This is a pinned picture on one of the fitness groups I am a part of on Facebook. If you want to check that group out, search "Geekshow Fit" and join. (Geekshow says HEY!)
This button doesn't give you power to enable your bad choices. It gives you the power to overcome guilt, shame, embarrassment, frustration, and pain.

This button doesn't take away the consequences of your bad choices. It gives you the power to choose not to make the same choices again.

This button doesn't give you all the answers. It gives you time to figure them out.

Life throws much harder things at you than curve balls. It throws grenades. No matter which way you hit it, it's going to do some damage.

I learned a valuable lesson today and that is when the opportunity comes for me to step up, I will take it. It's not out of pride. It's not out of desire to be a hero. It's out of desire to do the right thing when it's presented. I don't always succeed, but I definitely give it a shot.

This lesson isn't just applicable to this journey, but I think it fits nicely. Yesterday, was a hard day. In fact, the last month has been very hard for me. However, I know, that tomorrow has a chance to be better.

I had so many people reach out to me since last night to give their love and support. I can't thank you enough. your support keeps me motivated to FalconPUNCH the universe, and this bountiful belly in the face.

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