Sunday, March 6, 2016

Food vs Fuel

Day 13: 3/6/2016

I've noticed that the collective "we" like to play games with ourselves because for whatever reason, we as Americans, attach happiness to food in a lot of ways. Like I've said before, food is an acceptable drug to most. Most of us need rehab ;-)

Everyone knows how to lose weight. The equation is simple... (Output>intake) BUT, there are many ways to incorporate that equation into life. I've heard SO many people over the years tell me the new "IN" diet that I must try, because it's been proven. Well, I can tell every single one of them that I know the diet will work to lose weight, but.... Is it sustainable??

Here are a list of the fad diets that I've done to lose weight: Please know that I successfully lost weight on ALL of them (ok.... The juicing thing made me break out in hives, so maybe not all of them, but all the rest, yes.)

The Atkins Diet
The South Beach Diet
The Ketogenic Diet
The Paleo Diet
Juice Cleanses
The Grapefruit Diet
The Zone
Jenny Craig
Cabbage Soup Diet

All diets can work to drop the lbs. If they didn't, they wouldn't make money. However, they're not a lifestyle. They're not sustainable. They forget to address the main issues that most overweight individuals have, and that is the mind for a healthy body. Healthy living isn't about diet, it's about giving your body the best chance, and putting it in a position of most potential.

Here's the thing, when I had gastric bypass in 2011, I was ready to make the change. It was 80% mental strength. I figured, I've beaten a severe opiate addiction, I can kick this too. That's exactly what happened. I had my surgery, hated food for a while, because it only made me sick, and then, the lbs melted off. Here is what the deciding factor in my success was.. FOOD IS FUEL. My mentality had changed from trying to suck every ounce of enjoyment out of every calorie, to just fueling my body for whatever I needed at the time.

I lost that along the way. I went from 252 pounds in July of 2012, to 393 lbs at the end of January this year. Now, I'm slowly but surely getting back to the mentality that food is fuel for the most advanced biological machine ever to be on the earth, the human body.

I'm two weeks in, and 8 lbs down from day 1 of this blog series. Onward and downward.

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