Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Numbers, Do They Mean Anything?

Day 16: 3/9/2016

I've been wondering about all the math that is involved with losing weight. We count calories, water intake, sodium, protein, fiber, heart rate, steps, reps, miles, lbs, inches........ It's tiring.

I give my middle finger to most of it right now. It's not that I think it's unimportant, it's that it's overwhelming. I have done all of the math, and I have simplified it to these 4 things for myself.

1. Take in less than you put out. Calories ARE important.

2. Make the calories count. This means that if it's going into your mouth, what's its purpose?

3. Drink more water, move more often.

4. You need to be held accountable

I've made it a point to try and simplify this process this go around. I've spent my life trying to do advanced health calculus, and..... I suck at it. Healthy lifestyles are about making choices that help you. I'm trying to do that.

Accountability is what is helping me. It's 2016, the majority of humans have a social media account. I joined a group of individuals on Facebook called "Spring Starters". It's been great to have individuals who are on similar journeys share their struggles and their successes. In turn, I get to share mine. Helping others is what makes doing hard things, even MORE worth it. I want people to see me doing this and know that it's hard, it sucks at times, but ultimately, I want them to know that if A A RON can do it, they can do it.

January 2016. I weighed 393 lbs...

Today, March 9th, 2016. I weigh THIS!!

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