Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Getting To Neutral

Day 57: 4/19/2016

I don't write this blog for anyone other than myself. From day one, I started to write this as a journal and a mind-vomit collection basket.

I was asked by a couple of friends if I was still getting as many views as I used to, and the answer is no. However, it is surprising to me that it doesn't bother me. In fact, it helps relieve a bit of pressure. The one and ONLY reason that I share this with anyone else, is that if my journey, has the opportunity to help even one person, then I need to share it.

I needed to write this today because I feel it is allowing me to remember the reason that I started writing about this in the first place. I need to get my gears back to neutral.

I didn't get to where I am in life on my own. It just so happens, the one person that is my constant in life, has a birthday today. My beautiful wife Alysa. I wanted to share what I wrote about her, not because I want people to ooh and awe, but I want to remember the post, because the words to express my feelings for her came freely this morning. The journey continues.

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