Monday, April 18, 2016

Hitting The Wall

Day 56: 4/18/16

Sure, marathon runners, triathletes, yada yada yada - awesome fit people (insert thinly veiled insult out of jealousy, here) hit the "wall" when they compete. At that moment, they have to choose, to bust through it, or let it stop them.

Today, I hit my mental wall. I don't know why. I could choose any number of excuses to give. I'm just going to be honest and say it.


I do, I love Netflix, and my couch, and my movie/TV collection that at any time, I could spend endless weeks watching and enjoying. I love my kitchen, where I can spend time creating any number of things that could make my inner (and outer) fatman squee with glee!!!

While I still want to be lazy, the battle of the century is within the battlefield between my heart and mind. My mind says "dude, do you know how many things are in your Netflix queue?"

Meanwhile, my heart says, "You could totally rock a Batman branded banana hammock in the Caribbean if you would only get up off of your sinking love handles and exercise"

Then, I'm quickly reminded why I do most of the difficult things in my life. The woman who puts up with my jackassery every single day..... We have two of the most beautiful and fun and furry children anyone could ask for. I have a great job with people I enjoy being around. I have great friends who support me, love me and want me to succeed.

So, really..... what is there to bitch about from here on out. Time to make the love handles sink less.

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