Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Be The Hero

Day 50: 4/12/2016

It's no secret that I'm a comic book fan. I wear Batman on my skin every day. I mostly wear some version of a comic book hero on my t-shirt everyday as well. I'm obsessed with certain characters more than others, sure.... but all in all, the reason that I love comic book heroes is that I connect with their struggle and lock in on what makes them amazing.

I've been thinking about the similarities between the comic book heroes that I love and the heroes that I know in this crazy real life we live in. I narrowed it down to these three things.

1. Courage: No, not just the jump in front of a punch, courage. It's that "no matter the obstacle, I'll take it on" type of courage. The obstacle can be one that they know is going to hurt them, or possibly take them out permanently.

2. Confidence: It's not confidence in a prideful way. It's that when the challenge is presented, the hero will have the courage to take it on with the attitude that they can do great things.

3. Determination: No matter what story arc you read, the hero is determined to be ready for the fight. They're determined to do whatever it takes to ensure the safety of others.

I think about one my biggest heroes, and it's my mother. She may find it weird that I say that, but that's what makes her great. She thinks that what she does is not super. She maintains humility even though she has impacted the lives of thousands of people throughout her life as a teacher, mother, and friend. I've seen my mother take on whatever has come at her, and she stands tall before, and after the battle.

I want to be like my mom in the sense that I can look at the goals that I've set, and be so mentally strong that even though the end goal is daunting, I can stand tall, with confidence and know, that as long as I am determined to make things happen, I will stand taller and stronger at the end of this journey.

Mark my words.... When I hit my goal of weighing 200 lbs, I'll wear a cape for my after photos.

Believe it.

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