Monday, April 11, 2016

Phase II - It's On. Please Join Me

Day 49: 4/11/2016

I literally just stepped off the scale. I'm sitting in my living room after my wife and I took our dogs on a nice walk. I giggle about the reason we went on this walk. It's because we are having our own little Fitbit "steps" competition between us. There really isn't anything on the betting line but the competition makes it fun for us.

If you haven't read my post titled "My Story", I would encourage you to do so, and to share it. Creating awareness for depression, suicide and mental illness is something that I'm passionate about. I would love for that message to be shared as much as possible. The link is HERE

Now, onward to the task(s) at hand. Weight loss, health, commitment, goals, willpower, self control, discipline... I have learned that these are things that pretty much ALL people deal with. It's not just me. I've said it before, that I don't write this blog to gain viewers. I don't write it for shock and awe, and I don't do it for attention. I do it because it helps keep me accountable, BUT! I receive feedback from people who read this blog, and it is humbling to learn that I'm not alone in how I think and feel. It's inspiring to me that my struggles, failures, and successes have motivated others to take on their own health challenges.

I've been on vacation since April 1st. For the most part, I was pretty good about keeping my food choices in check. I didn't gain anything and I didn't lose anything. While on vacation, I did partake in eating some bread, and some fried goodness. I made and ate my amazing chocolate chip cookies. I truly enjoyed my vacation. Now, vacation is over and it's time for me to dial things in.

Phase II is what I'm calling the next calendar quarter. From now to June 30th, I'm going to take the things that I learned in Phase I and apply them to harder, and more intense goals. I learned that I am more than capable of looking my demons in the eye and denying them the control over my actions. I learned that I can do hard things. I learned that as long as I have the type of support that I received in my first 30 days, I can push through the hardships that these challenges will bring.

Here are the goals that I have made for the next quarter.

  • Learn how to incorporate new forms of lean protein into my 1400 calorie a day diet.
  • Increase water intake to 120oz a day.
  • Participate in a minimum of 30 minutes of activity a day, 7 days a week.
  • Find a way to afford to join the boxing gym that I want to join, and go 3x a week.
  • Increase my nightly sleep hour average to 7.
  • Have a daily step count of 10k+ on Fitbit, 7 days a week.
  • Incorporate a video portion to this blog.
  • Increase my endurance of jogging to be able to jog 1 mile without stopping.
Anyone reading this. I encourage you to make goals with me for the next 3 months. I would LOVE for you to share them with me. Join me on Facebook via the "Geekshow Fit" fitness group. 

"When you decide not to be afraid, you can find friends in super unexpected places." - Ms Marvel

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