Monday, February 29, 2016

No... Seriously

Day 7: 2/29/16

1 week in. I wouldn't say things are easier. They are clearer, though. I know that through this process, my biggest hurdle, is honesty with myself. That's what these "blog" entries are about, is keeping me honest. How many people are honest with themselves all the time? I know I'm not, I mean, I'm a recovering drug addict, we're notoriously dishonest with ourselves.

Now, I did have a mental breakthrough today. I realized that the idea of health, is bigger than what you eat and what your activity level is. It's about how you see yourself. It's about how you choose to spend your time. It's about being able to set boundaries and goals for yourself, and be able to follow through.

I have decided on 3 short term goals, that at the achievement of them at the end of this week, I want to reward myself with a treat of my choice.

Here are the goals

1: Eat greens with every meal

2: Do a wake up warm up consisting of
        50 wall squats
        50 situps
        50 seconds of planking
        25 pushups

3: No eating anything post 7pm

I'll be thinking of what I want that treat to be. The front runner right now, is a chocolate mousse cake from Gandolfo's..... Yep, they're that good. Maybe someone will give me other good ideas to take its place.


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