Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Hardest Part is Starting...

Day 1: 2/23/16.....

So it begins. The logging of my journey isn't really meant to be a thing of public note. It's mostly so that my honest thoughts have an outlet.
Being healthy is one of those things that for some people, ISN'T a thing. It just sucks that for me, food has an effect on my state of being.
I feel embarrassed..... Shamefully embarrassed. I look at pictures of me about a year after my GB surgery in 2011 and I looked like a happier, better me.... I went through hell with it. Puking, feeling ill, pain, losing my hair, being cold all the damn time, NOT EATING AMAZINGLY TASTY/FATTENING FOODS!!!

Anyway.... Here I am. Fat, uncomfortable, not fitting into any clothing I own, and I'm hungry. I want a cheeseburger with a deep dish pizza as the bun. If I could have bacon wrapped with bacon with bacon sauce, it would be a good day. I have 180 lbs to lose.... holy shit.

I know in the long run, I'm going to be happier, but right now, this sucks.

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