Friday, February 26, 2016

Mind Over Butter..... Or Something Like That

Day 4: 2/26/16

I seem to be in a state of robotic-like forward motion. As my toe continually gets better, I feel as if I'm ready to jump into a montage of an 80's movie hero exercise. Today was a win. Although my cravings for food that leads to my current state was still present, I felt like I was easily able to say no. Food addiction is such a strange thing. I remember being a drug addict, and craving heroin the same way I crave crappy food. I went shopping, and planned for healthy, protein filled meals. I'm roasting a turkey as I write this entry.
Things of note:
Confidence in this process is growing.
I don't think this is right, but since I weighed in at my Dr's office about a month ago, I have lost 21lbs...... Kind of crazy.

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  1. The struggle/addiction is real! After my GB I fought head hunger like crazy. I ultimately ended up with another addiction that was harder to fight than food, still fighting both every day! You CAN do this! Back to basics of post surgery, you can do it! If you ever want to chat, hit me up!