Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Journey Start Setbacks

Day 2: 2/24/16

Well, day one was in the books. I had completed the day without ingesting simple sugars, or consuming bread. I calculated my intake and successfully made it through the day with and estimated 1300 calories. I was excited to begin the exercise portion of my new journey, but then, the universe was like... "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!"........ I slipped on my stairs and sprained/crushed my right, big toe. Now, good thing is, it's not broken. Bad thing, is that I can barely walk on it. So..... I'll be focusing on the 80% portion of the weight loss pie, and be diligent on eating healthy.

Things of note:
I want to eat all of the bad foods, regardless of my desire to be healthier.
I feel sluggish, and lethargic without caffeine (I haven't had any today)

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